DNR rescues 8 people, including young children and dog from capsized boat

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Two Department of Natural Resource law enforcement officers are being praised after their quick thinking helped save eight people and a dog on Lake Allatoona Sunday.

Georgia DNR said Game Warden Steven Martinez and Cpl. Tyler Lewis spotted an overloaded boat capsize on the water while on patrol. DNR shared body camera video of the incident.

"They're legit going under," one law enforcement officer is heard on the video.

Video shows the DNR boat approaching an overturned passenger vessel with one of the DNR officers waving to the group treading water.

"Is everybody OK?" one of the officers asked, shouting at the group.

He proceeds to throw a floatation device in the water and a life jacket.

One of the officers pulled a crying toddler out of the water, the first person to be rescued from the capsized boat. Another child is then lifted onto the DNR's patrol boat as well.

Most of the people rescued had on a life vest, leaving behind floating chairs from the capsized boat and the passengers' belongings.

"All eight people on board, including small children and a dog were rescued," according to the DNR.

The crowd huddled together on the DNR's boat, comforting the scared children. Though the passengers were in shock, everyone seemed to be OK.

"This video shows the importance of always having a life jacket on as well as having a throwable life jacket readily available. We are thankful all occupants were rescued without injury," the DNR said.

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