Bodycam shows K9 latching on suspect after he dragged an officer by his truck to evade arrest

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Authorities in Lorain County have arrested Matt Dillion, a man who allegedly assaulted a police officer and dragged the officer by his car while evading arrest for domestic violence.

According to the Lorain County Sheriff's Office, Dillion, who was wanted on several warrants including charges of domestic violence and assault on a police officer, was arrested in Amherst on Thursday

The arrest came after a pursuit by the Amherst Police Department and Lorain County Sheriff's Office. The suspect fled on foot after crashing into a Lorain County Sheriff's Cruiser near the State Route 2 overpass. Law enforcement officers took Dillion into custody after using the drone unit and K9 "Zor."

Officials noted that the deputy driving the vehicle was not injured, but was taken to the hospital as a precaution.

Deputies responded to an address on Wallu Drive in South Amherst on Wednesday for a complaint of domestic violence and found Dillion sitting in the driver's seat of a pickup truck in the driveway of the residence. Deputies determined Dillion was in violation of Ohio's domestic violence statute following an investigation.

Authorities say deputies attempted to give Dillion multiple verbal commands for him to exit the vehicle for over an hour, which Dillion refused.

Deputies then tried to remove Dillion from the vehicle. Dillion allegedly shifted the truck into gear and attempted to reverse out of the driveway.

"While reversing, a Deputy was partially dragged by the vehicle while being physically assaulted by Dillion," the sheriff's office said. The officer was not injured.

Dillion escaped the deputies after the incident and several warrants were issued through Oberlin Municipal Court.

Later that same day, the sheriff's office was again called to the same Wally Drive home, where Dillion and his pickup truck had allegedly returned. After deputies attempted to arrest Dillion, deputies say he refused to comply and drove away in the pickup truck.

Deputies tried to pursue Dillion's truck on State Route 113 in South Amherst, but ended the chase on SR 2 near Avon "in the interests of public safety."

Authorities reported there were no injuries in any of the incidents.

According to the sheriff's office, further charges against Dillion are pending following Wednesday's incidents.

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