Russian man has near-miss after moving seconds before concrete block falls from wall

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An extremely lucky man was unscathed after a block of concrete almost fell on top of his head.

Shopkeeper Yuri Bo was leaning on the wall in front of his workplace when the debris suddenly fell in Kiev, Ukraine on July 19.

The concrete was about to land right on top of the worker’s head until Yuri decided to stretch his back forward and it nearly missed him instead.

Startled and confused, he rushed to stand up and entered the shop before checking the CCTV footage to see what happened.

Yuri said: ‘I was out of the shop to smoke for about five minutes. I was almost done and about to return inside so I was stretching for a bit.

‘I didn’t understand what happened when I felt the block smashing behind me. After a few moments, I realised that I could have died or been severely injured in the head if I did not move. I guess I was lucky.’

After informing the residents on the upper floor, Yuri found out that the concrete fell from one of the apartment units that was being renovated.

As he was not hurt from the incident, he decided to let it go but reminded the house owners to be careful with the debris next time.

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