Wauwatosa police pursuit on Mayfair Road, standoff ends in arrest

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A Wauwatosa police pursuit on Mayfair Road and standoff recently ended in an arrest.

The Wauwatosa Police Department released dashcam footage Wednesday of the incident.

Officers were doing traffic enforcement along Mayfair Road. The department did not say what day or time the incident occurred.

Officers saw a vehicle without proper license plates and attempted to stop the driver, but the driver fled. Police used a tire deflation device to slow the driver before the car became disabled, driving over a concrete median.

The driver then fled on foot and got into a waiting vehicle before fleeing from the police again. Police say after a brief standoff at the driver's home, the suspect was arrested.

Police recovered a short-barreled rifle and drugs from the original fleeing car.

"We highlight certain cases when the action or crime are significant to the community. This one is serious, and it's one reason why we regularly do traffic enforcement," the department shared online Wednesday. "We're committed to keeping everyone safe. Thank you to our officers for their observations, quick actions and commitment to the safety of our community. Thank you as well to the Milwaukee Police Department for their assistance in pursuing and apprehending the driver."

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