Cobra caught hiding under family’s dirty laundry in Thailand

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A cobra was caught hiding under a family’s dirty laundry in Thailand.

The snake was discovered after it was heard hissing while the house owner was cleaning their bedroom in Nakhon Ratchasima province on July 7.

As the woman sorted the dirty clothes on the mattress, the reptile jumped on top of the pile threatening to attack her.

She rushed outside the house to call the animal rescuers for help in evacuating the deadly creature out of their house.

Chokchai Boonwit, one of the rescue volunteers, said: ’The house owner did the right thing by escaping and calling us for help. Residents should not try to handle snakes on their own.

‘This are is near the forest so snakes are sometimes attracted to take shelter inside houses where it is warm and have plenty of food.’

The team brought torches with them inside the dimly lit room to search for the creature before they found it hiding under the pile of shirts.

One of the rescuers then carefully secured the animal by its neck as his colleague pin it down with a stick before carrying it outside the house.

It was placed inside a sack before being taken by the animal rescuers with them to be released back into the wild.

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