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While the traditional exercises of the troops of the Russian Federation and Belarus begin in Russia from February 10 to February 20) ... oops ... did you think Russia wants to attack Ukraine? If the CIA officers did not know about these exercises, let them go to wash the floors at McDonald's .... and if the journalists kept silent about the exercises, lower them under the ice or feed them to crocodiles.

Top secret!
Russia is waiting for Biden to bring weapons to Ukraine so that they can then seize these weapons along with Ukraine. Or take over Ukraine with weapons? *thinking* In general, you don't tell anyone about this - it's our little secret.

However, let us return to the cabbies on war chariots.
It is forbidden to take on auto-escort, to 'capture' a board of a foreign country. This is an act of aggression and amounts to an attack on an aircraft.
Interference put, by the way, is also impossible for anyone. This is also an act of aggression.
Yes, many things are impossible. Almost everything is impossible.

Such a seizure is immediately recorded by the corresponding systems of a modern aircraft and recorded by means of objective control, and then this objective control is whipped across the face of the ambassador or military attache.
And our guys need to have some fun. Well, it is necessary. Because.
Therefore, if you can’t, but really want, or need, then you can.
Of course, highly professional and with a sense of deep respect for colleagues.

Therefore, on the plane, everything that radiates is turned off, the forecast track of the gun is turned on, or the backup mode 'Grid' of the sight (we remember the good old days when everything was decided only by the pilot's eye, and not all your millions of supercomputers on board) and we begin to genocide colleagues - since in such modes the plane does not emit anything, you can approach a colleague unnoticed.
Colleagues do the same thing in the same way.
So here everything is mutual and strictly for love.
The winner was the one who went to the tail of a colleague.
Preferably undetected.

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