Broward Sheriffs released body cam video of 3 deputies saving a woman whose car went into a canal

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The Broward Sheriff’s Office released body cam video Thursday of three deputies saving a woman whose car went into a canal in Tamarac on Christmas Eve.

According to BSO, deputies responded to a call around 7 p.m. Dec. 24 after a car went into a canal on Southgate Boulevard.

Authorities said BSO deputies from North Lauderdale were the first to arrive at the scene and, without concern for their own safety, they jumped into the cold canal water and rescued the driver of the car.

BSO officials said deputies Alex Ferraro, Christopher Anca and Sean Flynn arrived at the canal and saw that the vehicle was completely submerged.

Body cam video shows the deputies removing their duty gear and entering the water.

Authorities said the high temperature in Tamarac on that day was just 54 degrees, and the low was 45 degrees.

According to BSO, the deputies saw a woman rise to the surface and turn face down in the water. Deputies then recovered the woman and brought her to the opposite side of the canal, where they immediately administered aid.

Authorities said the woman survived.

“The three deputies who went into the water did what they are trained to do – risk their lives to try and save the life of a stranger. Their oath demands that they do so, and their actions reflect the commitment the men and women of the Broward Sheriff’s Office provide to the community each and every day,” Sheriff Gregory Tony said.

Investigators believe that the woman in the vehicle intentionally drove into the water during a suicide attempt.

Coral Springs Fire Rescue responded and transported the woman to a nearby medical facility, where she received treatment.

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