Vermont State Police trooper is run off the road by an extremely dangerous fugitive, Andrew Brace

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Vermont State Police are actively searching for a suspect in Winooski who is being considered extremely dangerous after a series of encounters with police over the span of several days.

Investigators said 39-year-old Andrew Brace is believed to be on foot in the Winooski area after leading police on multiple pursuits earlier on Tuesday. Brace, who is 5' 11'' and weighs 220 pounds, was last seen with no shirt and wearing black athletic shorts. Anyone who sees him is being urged to call 911 immediately.

Police said Brace was seen driving a stolen Ford F-250 in Grand Isle County on Tuesday morning, and later continued driving through Swanton, Fairfield, Georgia and St. Albans. Investigators said Brace nearly caused multiple crashes and intentionally forced police vehicles off the road during a series of pursuits. No one was injured in any of these encounters, and no crashes occurred.

Police said they located the stolen truck at 2 p.m. abandoned in Winooski on Corrine Street at the intersection of Dion Street. VSP said Brace has attempted to steal several vehicles throughout the day, including by force, and residents should lock their vehicles when unattended and be aware of their surroundings.

Brace, who is from St. Albans, has been on the run since June 27, when he dragged a Colchester police officer 50 feet with a stolen vehicle before speeding off.

He was later spotted in Washington, Vermont several days later on July 1 but again eluded troopers.

Multiple law enforcement agencies are involved in the search effort for Brace, including the Grand Isle County Sheriff’s Department; the police departments in Milton, St. Albans, Swanton and Winooski; the wardens with the Vermont Department of Fish & Wildlife; the Enforcement and Safety Division of the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles; and the Vermont State Police. A significant police presence is active throughout the area.

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