Driver caught going 122 mph on I-680 in Youngstown because he 'had to pee'

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Speeders on the roadway are nothing new to troopers with the Ohio State Highway Patrol, but it's not every day you'll find a driver going over 70 miles over the speed limit.

That's exactly what troopers with Mahoning County OSP found on I-680 in Youngstown on Saturday, May 18 when they caught a driver going 122 miles per hour in a 50 mph zone. That's 72 over the speed limit.

Body camera video captured the traffic stop, showing the driver immediately slowing down when troopers pursued him. When troopers asked why he was going so fast, the driver told the troopers he had to go to the bathroom.

According to court records, the driver of the vehicle is charged with a minor misdemeanor for speeding and is set to appear in court for an arraignment on May 31.

According to a Facebook post, there have been nearly 10,000 speed-related crashes throughout Ohio in 2024 so far.

The trooper reminded the drivers of the danger he could pose to others by speeding.

"Slow down. You passed me at 122 miles per hour. ... You're going to kill someone just because of pee," the trooper said.

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