Amsterdam PD Sergeant rescues 15-year-old dog from a creek

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The Amsterdam Police Department has released body cam footage of one of their members saving a dog from a creek. You can watch the video in the player above.

On September 11 around 10 p.m., Amsterdam Police Patrol Sergeant Cory Lapati was sent to help a woman find her lost dog near the South Chuctanunda Creek. Her 15-year-old dog Frankie is partially blind and can’t hear well.

The woman thought Frankie had lost her balance and fallen down a steep bank and into the creek. When Lapati arrived, he saw Frankie in the distance walking along the creek bed. Police said Frankie could not scale back up the steep bank of the creek and was in danger of becoming disoriented and caught in the deep water of the creek.

Lapati tried to reach Frankie from multiple points along the creek and ultimately scaled a retaining wall to make his way down the bank. Once there, he saw her swimming in a pool of water.

Lapati pulled Frankie out of the water and carried her up the bank to the retaining wall. With the help of a leash, he hoisted her over the wall and back to the safety of her owner.

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