Evansville police release bodycam of a shooting that occurred inside Evansville Regional Airport

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Police on Monday identified the man its officers shot early Saturday morning at Evansville Regional Airport.

Pierre Robson Barthelemy, 24, was said to be threatening airport personnel and used a 4-inch knife to rip up furniture. Dispatchers received information about 12:22 a.m. Saturday about a disorderly person in the airport lobby.

Police on Monday also released video of what happened just before the shooting. Officers found Barthelemy with a knife, saying he wanted to go back to his country. Police shot him when, they say, he lunged at officers.

A police department news release says police know Barthelemy arrived in Evansville via Greyhound bus on Nov. 8. “Officers had been dispatched to the bus station that day for a complaint against Barthelemy. The driver of the bus called 911 to report that Barthelemy had stolen her bag. When officers arrived at the bus station, Barthelemy was still on scene and was in possession of the bus driver’s bag. Barthelemy was arrested for theft and taken to the Vanderburgh County jail. He later bonded out and was released Nov. 9.

Around 11 p.m. Nov. 9, employees from a local shelter for women and children called 911 because Barthelemy was trying to get into the shelter and refused to leave. “When the officers arrived, Barthelemy was on the property and was told that he was barred from the property and needed to leave,” the release said.

In regards to the airport police shooting, the release says, Barthelemy faces charges of intimidation with a deadly weapon; resisting law enforcement with a deadly weapon; disorderly conduct; and criminal mischief.

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