Domestic violence call leads to a chase and a fatal officer involved shooting in Houston

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A suspect was shot and killed by two Houston Police Department officers Wednesday in northeast Houston, the department confirmed.

Houston police claim the suspect fired at officers first which led to the two officers returning fire.

Here's what we know
Officers were called to a home in the 11100 block of Lera Road by a woman who reported her boyfriend was behaving erratically.

The woman told police her boyfriend had repeatedly pointed a gun at her daughters while they were riding in her vehicle and then he kicked them out of the car and drove away.

While the officers were still talking to the woman, the boyfriend returned to the home, but when he saw police, he quickly sped off.

HPD said they released a description of the suspect's vehicle on police radios to alert nearby patrol officers.

One officer located the suspect's vehicle traveling northbound on Cheeves Drive. The suspect allegedly stepped on the gas and intentionally struck that officer's patrol vehicle, causing major damage to the two vehicles.

The officer involved in the crash was able to reverse his vehicle to create distance while the suspect drove into a nearby yard, police said. The suspect then got out of his vehicle and allegedly fired shots at the officer.

Another officer arrived on scene and police said the suspect pointed a gun at him. Police said the officer feared for his safety, so he discharged his weapon at the suspect.

It's unknown if the suspect was actually shot at this time because the suspect continued to run away from officers while still pointing a gun at them, police said.

HPD said the officers yelled to the suspect to drop his weapon, which they said he refused, so fearing for their lives, they both shot at the suspect.

The suspect eventually fell to the ground and according to police, the officers immediately provided medical assistance to the suspect until paramedics arrived.

The suspect was taken to a nearby hospital where he later died.

The officer who was involved in the crash with the suspect was taken to a nearby hospital with minor injuries. He was treated and released within 24 hours.

The officers have been identified as J. Salinas and K. Donohue. They are both assigned to the HPD Northeast Patrol Division and were sworn in as officers in August 2021 and December 2016, respectively.

As per policy, both officers will be placed on administrative duties while an investigation is conducted.

Police body camera video will be released within 30 days, as is customary with any officer-involved shootings involving Houston police.

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