Sidney Police released new video when officers confronted an armed man inside a grocery story

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Sidney Police have released new video that shows the moment officers confronted an armed man inside a grocery story last month.
On December 21, officers responded to Sidney Foodtown on Wapakoneta Ave after receiving reports of an active shooter inside the store. Police later told News Center 7 that there was an initial confrontation with a man with a handgun in the area of the cash registers. That man, later identified as Todd Jordan, then reportedly fired shots inside the store.

In body camera video obtained through a public records request, the first officer inside the store can be seen entering the front door by the registers with his rifle drawn and moving toward the back of the store as he searched for the suspect.

Just over a minute later, the video shows the officer spot Jordan right by the registers, right as three more officers walk in the front door. At that point, all four Sidney officers hold Jordan at gunpoint as he tried to leave the store.

In the body camera video, Jordan can be seen ignoring officers’ commands to not reach for something near his right hip.

“Get on the ground! Hands up! Get on the ground! Do not reach for anything,” officers can be heard saying in the video.

It was then that police said Jordan pulled out a handgun and that’s when he was shot.

Jordan was taken to Wilson Health, where he later died.

The four officers involved were placed on leave pending an internal investigation. News Center 7 learned Wednesday that all four officers have since returned to duty.

The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation was called to investigate the shooting. We learned Wednesday that their investigation remains open.

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