MSP trooper attempts to stop a wrong way driver when a truck crashes into him

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Newly released dashcam video from Michigan State Police shows the crash that happened on US-131 back in May when a trooper was trying to stop a wrong-way driver.

The crash happened around 11 p.m. Saturday, May 20 night near Hall Street after an MSP trooper saw a wrong-way driver.

"We are getting a few calls that he [the wrong-way driver] slowed down and is trying to turn around near Franklin and Hall," the dispatcher tells the trooper responding to the crash.

A few seconds later, the dashcam video shows the trooper getting closer to the wrong-way driver, driving southbound in the far left lane of Northbound US-131.

State police say the trooper attempted to stop the driver by slowing traffic and cutting off that vehicle. The driver, however, did not stop.

The video shows the trooper then attempting to do a U-turn and chase after the driver but was hit by a different vehicle going the right way. A third vehicle then rear-ended that car.

"You good?" the trooper asked the driver of the truck involved in the wrong-way crash. The truck's driver appears to get out of his truck holding his arm after the crash.

The trooper wasn't hurt, but the passengers of the other two cars were left with minor injuries.

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