Body cam video shows suspect stabbing officer in head before being shot, killed

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The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is releasing more information regarding a recent officer-involved shooting that left a suspect dead on the east side of town.

The incident occurred during the early hours of Friday, Aug. 25 at an apartment complex near Lake Mead Boulevard and Pecos Road.

During Monday's press conference, Assistant Sheriff Sasha Larkin identified the suspect as 25-year-old Sandra Lopez-Ochoa, who had reportedly battered his brother inside the apartment.

Both the brother and Lopez-Ochoa called LVMPD Dispatch to report the domestic disturbance, with officers making contact with the woman a short time later.

In the body cam video released Monday, Lopez-Ochoa is seen inside the apartment talking to officers as they try to detain her after they had found probable cause of domestic strangulation.

A few seconds later, she is seen standing up and quickly reaching for a knife, which she uses to stab one of the officers on top of his head.

A second officer, identified as Officer Rudy Sacba, drew his firearm and struck Lopez-Ochoa five times, according to Larkin. She would be pronounced dead at the scene.

In the body cam footage, the stunned officer remained on his feet following the attack, where he reached for his head and observed blood. He would be taken to UMC Trauma where he was provided medical treatment and is now recovering at home with family.

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