Police officers rescue woman from sinking vehicle in Lancaster County

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A police officer jumped into a cold pond to rescue a woman in a sinking vehicle Thursday night in Manheim Township, Lancaster County.

Body cameras captured the rescue from multiple perspectives. Manheim Township police shared two views of the rescue, one from on shore and another first-person perspective from an officer who jumped in. Both videos are posted on this page.

The rescue happened around 8 p.m. at the intersection of Oregon Pike and Valleybrook Road.

"Manheim Township Police Officers arrived quickly and found a vehicle in the water with a female trapped inside who was submerged up to her neck. Officers Kyle Carner and Anthony DiClemente jumped into the water and broke the driver’s window to gain access, just as the vehicle completely submerged," a statement from police said. "The officers were able to open the door, remove the driver, and pull her to the edge of the pond where she was treated by EMS."

Police said the woman had misjudged the turn and ended up going into the pond.

"The officers jumped into the water without hesitation. The quick response and fast action of these officers undoubtedly saved the life of the driver," Chief Thomas Rudzinski said in a statement.

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