Kindhearted Cop Finds Woman's Lost $100 Bill

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A kindhearted police officer in Arizona helped a woman find a $100 bill by the side of the road so that she can pay her utility bills.

The distraught woman was spotted by Officer Stephen Farmer desperately searching the roadside after the bill blew out of her car window.

Zenger News obtained Farmer's body cam footage of the moment, along with a statement from the Buckeye Police Department. Buckeye is a suburb of Phoenix in Maricopa County.

The police department said Wednesday: "Lending a helping hand is a big part of what we do.

"On May 1, 2022, Officer Stephen Farmer spotted a woman searching for something very important on the side of the road, so he stopped to assist."

The police added: "Buckeye Police Officer Stephen Farmer was patrolling near 231st Ave and MC 85 when he found a woman searching for a 100-dollar bill that blew out of her car window."

The Buckeye Police Department added: "She needed the money to pay bills.

"Officer Farmer continued to search the side of the road for the cash."

In the footage, the police officer can be seen spotting the cash caught in scrub grass before he picks it up and hands it to the unnamed woman.

She can be heard plaintively saying: "Thank you so much."

The officer replies: "No problem."

The woman then says: "Oh my God. I don't know what I'd do without you."

The police officer says: "I'm glad we were able to find it."

The woman, who now appears to be on the verge of tears, says: "Oh man. Thank you very much."

The police officer replies again: "No problem."

And the woman says: "Now I can pay my electric."

She adds as the footage ends: "I don't have to worry about it getting shut off."

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