Body cam shows wild shootout with Houston police and parolee suspect following a police chase

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0:00 - Intro
0:48 - Officer Wade
3:44 - Officer Ready
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6:50 - Officer Malone
9:50 - Officer Servise
Houston police released video footage on Tuesday that appears to show a man wounded in a shootout with officers last month in northwest Houston opened fire through the windshield of his pickup truck before officers shot back, striking him multiple times.

Anthony Garcia, 34, was charged with two counts of attempted capital murder of a police officer, evading arrest in a motor vehicle and being a felon in possession of a weapon for his role in the incident, Houston police said.

Police say that Officers J. Ready and C. Wade saw a "suspicious vehicle in an area known to them for narcotics activity" just before 1 a.m. Nov. 17 and followed it around the neighborhood as it picked up speed and blew through several stop signs.

Bodyworn camera footage shows the vehicle, a red pickup truck, stop in the 4500 block of Bingle Road, where it comes to a screeching halt and ends up facing the officers' squad car. A burst of gunfire can be seen appearing from behind the truck's windshield about a second later, and the officers promptly return fire both from inside and outside their squad car.

Video shows the officers approach the pickup after a lull in the gunfire and command the occupant to show their hands. When they open the door, Garcia is slumped in the back seat, begging for help.

Ready tosses a VSKA AK-style pistol out of the front seat, then pulls Garcia from the truck and onto the ground, where he flips Garcia onto his back and places him in handcuffs as Garcia complains that he can't breathe. The officers then proceed to check Garcia for gunshot wounds, finding at least an entry wound on his upper leg and a graze wound on his arm, before paramedics arrive to take Garcia to the hospital.

Court records show that Garcia is currently being held at the Harris County Jail on $5 million bond. He is due back in court Feb. 8.

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