Bodycam video shows how officer rescued flood victim in St. Louis County

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Authorities rescued more than 100 people stranded in their homes or cars during historic flash floods on July 26.

New bodycam video released Wednesday by the St. Louis County Police Department shows what it took to rescue a stranded driver from dangerously-high waters during the early-morning hours of July 26.

The video starts with St. Louis County Officer Phillips approaching a car with water up nearly to the door handle. The officer asked the stranded driver if she was able to roll down the window. When she was unable to do so, the officer and a citizen busted a window and helped pull the woman out of the car from that window.

“Officer Phillips and a citizen were able to break the vehicle’s window and get the driver to safety. We’re always grateful for the help of our officers and citizens,” said the St. Louis County Police Department via Facebook.

The video shows the officer and a woman hugging after she was rescued from the car. The bodycam video was timestamped around 5:46 a.m. on July 26.

Rescues were abundant after several rounds of flooding hit the St. Louis region over the last few weeks, including one round of flooding that led to record-breaking rainfall on July 26. Federal crews are now starting to inspect St. Louis area homes for flood damage.

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