Renton teens arrested after robbery and pursuit, found with modified AK-47

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The Renton Police Department (RPD) recovered a modified AK-47 after three teen suspects were arrested following a suspected robbery and pursuit.
RPD said officers initially responded to an occupied stolen vehicle call, and the driver of the silver Kia Sorento "immediately fled at a high rate of speed."

Around the same time, a man flagged down a police officer on Northeast 12th Street and reported occupants of the silver Kia had just robbed him. The driver "indicated" to the victim that he had a gun, and one of the occupants stole cash and jewelry from the man, police said.

The driver eventually crashed the vehicle in the Albertson's parking lot on Northeast Sunset Boulevard, and all four of the car's occupants fled on foot, police said. Three of the car's occupants were taken into custody, and a modified AK-47 with a fully loaded magazine was recovered by police.

After the suspects were medically cleared, Renton PD said the suspects were booked into the King County Youth Detention Center.

"Once again, I commend the outstanding work by our officers to arrest and detain these juvenile suspects and recover a very dangerous weapon," said Deputy Chief Ryan Rutledge in a release. "One of the main officers involved is a student officer in his final stages of training. I could not be prouder of our officers' hard work, training, and dedication every day."

No information was given as to the status of the fourth occupant of the vehicle.

Renton police said all three were expected to be in court Thursday.

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