San Diego Sheriff’s Department shows deputies shoot a man armed with a BB handgun, knife in Bonsall

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0:00 - Intro
0:21 - 911 calls
1:35 - Cellphone video
1:59 - Body cam 1
6:43 - Photos
6:46 - Body cam 2
7:29 - Cellphone video
Body-worn camera video released by the Sheriff’s Department Tuesday shows deputies shoot a man armed with a BB handgun and knife in Bonsall earlier this month after he ignored their commands and continued to walk toward them.
The man survived his injuries and was arrested on suspicion of brandishing a deadly weapon while resisting arrest and obstructing an officer, sheriff’s officials said.

The edited video captures Deputies Jorge Chavez and Lisa Lee shoot Patrick Wendell Lowell, 66, of Escondido, in the legs and lower body around 11:35 a.m. May 4 along state Route 76 near Via Montellano.

Text in the video explains that 911 received 11 calls from witnesses reporting a man — later identified as Lowell — walking down the side of the road with weapons in his hands. In the recorded audio clips, one witness reported seeing a man walking down the road with “two Glocks in his hands,” while another caller said it was a “pistol and knife” in either hand.

Footage captured by a passing driver then shows Lowell walking with what appears to be a gun and knife in his hand.

The gun was later determined to be a Glock replica BB-gun pistol, the video says. A knife was also recovered at the scene.

The video then cuts to footage captured by Chavez’s body-worn camera while they confront the suspect.

Chavez tells dispatchers the man is walking toward them with his hands on the gun. Chavez and Lee both raise their firearms while standing behind the vehicle’s doors.

“Sir, stop. I’m telling you right now to stop,” Chavez yells. His body-worn camera, which is visually obstructed as he stands behind his SUV door, does not show Lowell. “If you come any closer, you may be shot.”

“Do not do this!”

Chavez continues to order Lowell to stop walking toward them and to stop pointing the gun at them. Lee’s body-worn camera records Chavez’s orders but is also obstructed by the vehicle’s passenger side door.

“Stop right now,” Lee yells.

Chavez then opens fire multiple times, followed by Lee. Lowell falls to the ground after being struck.

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