UK dad's horror as daughters coat themselves and living room in FLOUR after he turns his back for mere minutes

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A dad-of-three who had turned his back for just a few minutes was left shocked when his daughters managed to get into a bag of flour, leaving themselves and the living room coated in it.

DJ Abz Musa, 34, from London, needed to speak to his sister on the phone in the afternoon so he left Nalah, two, and twins Sadè and Mallie, one, in the living room with the TV on for a few minutes while he went into another room.

With his back was turned, the cheeky girls managed to climb up onto the kitchen table, using a bench or baby chair, and grab a bag of flour.

"They were watching Vivo. Nobody was crying so I thought everything was ok - then my youngest twin Mallie walked into bedroom covered in flour," he said.

"When my daughter walked in I couldn't even speak. My sister took screenshots," he added.

Walking back into the living area, Abz filmed the moment he realised just how much mess they'd managed to make.

The flour is spilt across the floor and is smeared over their brown sofa, while all three girls have managed to cover themselves from head to toe.

In a second clip, Abz takes Mallie out into the garden to show her now ghostly appearance.

After 20 minutes washing the girls and getting all the flour out of their hair, Abz turned his attention to the living room - but says the sofa is the biggest problem.

He said: "I've hoovered the sofa multiple times and it's still white."

Despite the stress they managed to put their dad under, the girls just carried on like nothing had happened.

Abz said: "They reacted completely normally. As if they've been playing in the garden with their toys."

The girls' mum Olivia, 29, who works as a doctor of andrology, was out at the time but Abz warned his wife the sofa might be a different colour when she got home.

He said: "I sent the video into the family group and she was laughing her head off. They all were."

"We've had multiple moments like this. All we can do is laugh - if not we'll go completely mad."

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