There will be a lot of corn in Russia this year...

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...so the Russians will take popcorn and start watching "The Hunger Games" in Europe. Real-Time Action )))

'Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed decrees on a temporary ban on the export of grain to the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) until June 30, as well as white sugar and raw cane sugar to third countries until August 31.'

Also, the US and Europe will not receive fertilizer from Russia and Belarus. Without nitrogen fertilizers, the harvest is half as much ...
In some European countries, store shelves are already empty; in Latvia, a pack of salt is sold for 5 euros.
Sanctions are what they are.

Oh yes...

The inscription on the truck in Germany:

Dont be upset!
Trucks will not run from Monday.
From Tuesday you can pick up your newspaper from the printers yourself.
On Wednesday - yesterday's bread.
On Thursday there will be no gasoline at gas stations.
On Friday, you can take your garbage to the landfill on your bike.
On Saturday you can walk in the store among the empty shelves.
On Sunday you can sleep long, as there will be no beer in the taverns.
On Monday you don't have to go to work because there are no more raw materials.

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