New York AG releases more video of New Rochelle fatal shooting of Jarrell Garris by police

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The release of additional body-camera footage showing a New Rochelle detective's fatal shooting of Jarrell Garris does not appear to offer further insight beyond what was known about the incident.

The additional footage, provided by the New York State Attorney General's Office on Tuesday morning, shows New Rochelle Det. Steven Conn firing his weapon at Garris and several seconds of the aftermath.

The footage initially released by the New Rochelle Police Department, capturing the perspectives of Conn and two other responding officers, had been cut off before Conn fired his gun. The AG's Office released about 10 seconds of additional footage from each of the three body cameras.

The additional seconds of footage provide little, if any, new insight into one of the questions central to the Attorney General's investigation: whether Garris indeed grabbed Officer Kari Bird's firearm, as the New Rochelle Police Department contends.

The Attorney General's Office took over the investigation into the shooting after Garris was pronounced dead on July 10, in accordance with state law.

What the footage does show is the deadly immediate aftermath of Garris' July 3 encounter with Conn, Bird and Officer Gabrielle Chavarry. After the shot is fired, a loud groan, likely from Garris, can be heard as the officers scramble to respond. Conn uses his radio to request additional support on scene.

Approximately two seconds pass between when Conn shouts, "He's got a gun. He's got a gun," and when Conn discharges his weapon.

But the newly released footage ends about there; it is unclear how much additional footage of the aftermath, if any, remains. The Attorney General's Office did not immediately respond to a question about whether there is more video.

Garris' family has repeatedly called for the release of the full footage. They have also argued that the incident, which stemmed from reports of stolen at the nearby New Rochelle Farms supermarket, did not need to escalate into a deadly confrontation.

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