Elderly Man Teaches Cop to Clog Dance During Traffic Stop

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Here's your feel-good story for the day: what started out as a routine traffic stop in Pickens, South Carolina turned into an impromptu dance lesson for a cop in what might be one of the most unique - and uplifting - police videos you’ll ever see.

Dashcam and body cam footage caught the moment when a policewoman, identified in local reports as one Officer Woodmansee, pulled over the driver of a pickup truck at just after midnight on Sunday for failing to maintain his lane. She quickly learned the elderly gentleman behind the wheel had just left Cotton-Eyed Joe’s, a local dance hall, and was still wearing his dancing shoes.

After she noted the man’s clogs and asked if he'd had fun that night, the man asked Woodmansee, "Do you dance?”

“No – I’ve never seen it before,” Woodmansee replied.

“Turn the light off, and I’ll teach you to two-step,” the man answered.

“Right here?” she asked.

“Right there,” he said.

The man spends the next minute or two teaching the officer how to dance step-by-step, finally showing off some of his own clogging moves before being released to go home.

"Officer Woodmansee has an eye for finding gifted people on traffic stops," the department wrote. "This stop for failure to maintain lane quickly turned into a two-step dance lesson from a kind gentleman who had just left Cotton Eyed Joe’s."

"We are not sure yet if Officer Woodmansee will receive training credits from the Criminal Justice Academy for learning the two-step, but it definitely brought a smile to our face," the post continued. "Thank you, Sir, for this great lesson and keep having fun at Cotton Eyed Joe’s, a local dance hall located on W. Main Street."

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