Madera police release body cam of an officer involved shooting when suspect points gun at officer

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The Madera Police Department released a Critical Incident Video of an officer-involved shooting that happened in Madera on Saturday.

Police were called around 8:15 p.m. to a report of a man with a gun in the shopping area located at Ellis and Lake Streets.

The caller said the man was outside the store and was manipulating the slide of the gun causing bullets to fall to the ground.

They also said the man pointed the gun at them.

The caller gave a description of the man and which way he was walking.

Officers located the walking on Merced Street just south of Ellis and ordered him to drop the weapon.

The man ignored the commands and kept walking away from the police.

The video shows the man stop walking, turn toward the officers and point the gun, resulting in one officer firing their service weapon.

The man identified as 29-year-old Jose Soliz was pronounced dead at the scene.

Following the shooting, a Glock 19-style handgun was recovered. The gun had been reported stolen.

“Police Officers face dangerous situations on a daily basis. The actions of Mr. Soliz could have led to serious injury or death to the officers or members of the public. We are fortunate this did not occur. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Soliz family during this difficult time. We will continue to serve and protect the citizens of Madera.” Chief Dino Lawson.

This investigation is still ongoing.

The Madera County Sheriff’s Department is handling the officer-involved shooting investigation.

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