Bodycam shows Fairfield officers shoot, graze armed man with a realistic gun who pointed it at them

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Police body camera video shows the moments that led to an officer opening fire on a suspect in Fairfield.

The shooting dates back to Sept. 27 when police were called to the area of 900 East Tabor Avenue for a man who appeared to have a gun. Fairfield Police Department released dispatch audio of the initial call saying a man was found on the roadway with a possible gun.

Arriving officers found the man, who they said appeared to be holding a gun. Police said officers called out to the man to drop the gun, but he pointed it at an officer, which led to an officer opening fire.

In the released video, one officer can be heard telling the man to drop the gun before shooting at the man twice. Another officer reports the fired shots, and they continue telling the man to drop the gun.

The suspect, Osiris Santos, sustained a graze during the incident.

Officers tended to the man's graze wound until he was taken to a hospital, treated and released.

Police said the man actually had a BB gun designed to look like a real gun.

Santos was arrested on suspicion of felony assault on a peace officer and booked into the county jail.

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