Dash, body camera shows deadly encounter between murder suspect, Corey Brewer, and Memphis Police

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Body camera footage released by the Shelby County District Attorney's Office showed a deadly encounter between Memphis Police officers and a man who authorities said shot and killed a woman at an Amazon warehouse in Mississippi hours earlier.

The deadly confrontation took place in the area of I-40 and Whitten Road around 3:20 p.m. on June 2, shortly after authorities said 45-year-old Corey Brewer shot 44-year-old Ebony Leshay Crocket three times at an Amazon warehouse in Horn Lake, Mississippi.

Footage shows Brewer's white car surrounded by officers with guns pointed at him.

"He got a gun," one officer can be heard repeatedly yelling.

In the video, Brewer is hardly visible behind the dark tint of the car's windshield. But, according to Shelby County District Attorney Steve Mulroy's office, Brewer pointed his gun at the officers.

Gunshots begin to ring out, striking the car repeatedly and shattering the car's windows.

All of the officers begin backing away from the car as the shooting starts in the middle of the busy intersection.

Eventually, one officers yells, "Hold your fire".

Brewer was killed in the shootout.

Horn Lake Police said that Brewer knew Crockett through their employment at Amazon.

Crockett's family hired attorney Ben Crump who said that Brewer had been fired from Amazon before the deadly shooting and had a restraining order against him when he arrived at the warehouse and killed the 44-year-old woman in the parking lot as she walked to her car.

"The death of Ebony Crockett is tragic in a number of different ways. Ebony went through all of the appropriate avenues to protect herself from this disturbed man, only to be killed by him as she was leaving her workplace due to Amazon's lack of security measures," said a statement from Ben Crump's office after Crockett's death. "Amazon, a company worth hundreds of billions of dollars, is responsible for protecting its guests from imminent danger. Ebony's killer had come on the Amazon property weeks before her death to harass her, and complaints were made to management – the warning signs were there. Why was Brewer able to come back on the property after his firing and Amazon management being notified of his continued harassment of Ebony to ultimately kill her?"

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