Georgia police smash window of burning home, crawl inside to rescue elderly woman trapped inside

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Police officers in Georgia were being hailed as heroes after busting through a window of a smoke-filled home and rescuing an elderly woman trapped in a house fire, authorities said Wednesday.
Officers responded to a house fire call in Conyers on Sunday and spotted a person inside the home trying to get their attention from a window, the Conyers Police Department said.

Senior Police Officer Smith, Senior Police Officer Samuels and Officer Wright raced to reach the trapped woman, according to officials.

Bodycam video the department released shows Smith smashing the window and tearing out the blinds before climbing inside the smoke-filled home.

Smith can be heard calling out to the victim before locating her. He carries her to the window before passing her through to officers outside, the video shows.

“Officers never know when the next call will come or what that call will be, but they are always prepared,” the department wrote. “This video gives insight into officers’ courage and bravery that is displayed every single day.”

No officers were injured during the rescue, and the woman was treated at a hospital for smoke inhalation and has since been released, police told WSB-TV.

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