Weekend Cinema - London Town

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it's the early 1930s...the talk of war is barely a distant rumour and London is doing well...the money is flowing as is Life in general...unfortunately, politicians being the conniving critters they are were going abroad and for favours were issuing guarantees that 'Britain would look after them'.. little did they know these promises would be called-in within the decade and Britain which was once quite well off with the vaults under the Bank Of Engerland which was stuffed to the gunnel's with Gold Bullion....albeit, much of it was 'stolen' however that's another story... suffice to say within 5 years those vaults would be empty with only empty racks left and the country was starving having spunked all it's dosh on armaments and 'The War'. London would never recover.. if the politicians had minded their own business instead of trying to interfere with other countries businesses and kept their noses out of the European penchant for starting and fighting crippling and ruinous wars the country would have faired much better - imho..

Anyway, look at the social make-up at the people in the railway station.. the days when people wore their best clothes to travel on trains and everyone seemed to wear a hat with the more brazen hussies among 'em going hatless.. many of the women look quite fetching (06:35+)

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