Hungry snake crushes rat it caught in toilet

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A snake was found crushing a wild rat it caught on a toilet ceiling.

The serpent was seen hanging on the edge of a wall while coiled around the struggling rodent in Kanchanaburi province, Thailand on September 20.

While it was taking its time constricting the rat, two smaller creatures were found on the floor appearing to frantically look for a way out of the toilet.

A shocked resident filmed the bizarre incident before calling the animal rescuers to retrieve the animal from her home.

Onlooker Num Prik said: ‘I was shocked. I’m normally not afraid of rats and snakes but they were all there when I entered the toilet.

‘I was about to clean the toilet when I first saw the mice on the floor and then saw the snake with its prey. It took me a few minutes before I could process everything and rushed outside.’

Concerned neighbours helped take the snake out of the house before being turned over to animal rescuers who released it into the wild.

The two rats on the floor escaped but the other one did not survive and was killed by the snake before it was caught.

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