New Jersey 'neighbors from hell' allegedly try to run over police officers with car, injuring K9

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New body camera footage shows the moments a New Jersey husband and wife – described by residents as “neighbors from hell” – intentionally crashed into multiple police cars and threatened to kill officers, investigators said.

On Sunday, around 1 a.m., officers were at the scene of a car crash in Evesham Township, New Jersey, when they spotted a Hyundai Genesis speeding west on Taunton Lake Road, according to police. Investigators said the vehicle was traveling 80 mph in a 45 mph zone, and it appeared to increase in speed as it passed the officers.

The officers described the car to other officers in the area. The Genesis was then spotted on Willowbend Road at the intersection of Evans Road. When an officer tried to initiate a traffic stop, the driver of the Genesis, identified as 24-year-old Marc Ferraiolo, allegedly failed to pull over and ran the red light. The officers stopped pursuing Ferraiolo due to the risk it posed to them and the public, investigators said.

An Evesham Municipal Court judge was contacted and an arrest warrant for eluding was issued for Ferraiolo, according to investigators. Officers then responded to Ferraiolo’s home on Marlborough Avenue in Evesham Township to serve the warrant and take him into custody.

Police said Ferraiolo then pulled into the driveway of his home and his wife, 43-year-old Ruth Patton, exited the vehicle as officers pulled behind it. The officers told Ferraiolo to step out of the car, but he ignored their commands, according to investigators.

Ferraiolo then allegedly drove forward and quickly put his car in reverse, pulling out of the driveway at a high speed and nearly striking two officers. He then struck a police vehicle with a K9 officer inside, police said.

The incident was captured on both Ring surveillance video and body cam video from police.

Ferraiolo then intentionally drove directly toward the two officers he had nearly struck before, police said.

Ferraiolo continued driving across neighboring lawns and purposely crashed his car into the police vehicle with the K9 inside three more times before attempting to flee, according to investigators.

As Ferraiolo drove away from the scene, he struck another responding police car before continuing east on Marlborough Avenue at a high speed, police said. He then struck another police car and a parked vehicle on Marlborough Avenue by Azalea Terrace, disabling his own vehicle in the process, according to investigators.

Officers then approached Ferraiolo’s Genesis, broke the car’s window and removed him, investigators said. Ferraiolo received medical attention at the scene and was then taken to the hospital for an evaluation.

During the incident, Patton allegedly interfered with the officers’ actions and threatened to kill them. She was arrested at the scene.

Several officers suffered non-life-threatening injuries during the incident and were treated at the scene. The police K9 is also recovering at the veterinarian. Body camera footage shows one of the officers checking on the K9 to make sure the dog was okay.

The crashes caused $45,000 in damage to the police vehicles, according to Evesham Township Police Chief Walt Miller.

"We're really lucky," Chief Miller said. "This could have been really, really bad. If those officers did not get out of the way as they did, the intent of Mr. Ferraiolo would have been carried out."

Ferraiolo is charged with attempted murder of a police officer, aggravated assault on police, eluding, criminal mischief and injuring a police canine.

Patton is charged with terroristic threats and obstruction of justice.

Ferraiolo and Patton were both lodged in Burlington County Jail.

"They're the neighbors from hell," Kate Stiles, a neighbor of the couple, told NBC10. "It could be a TV show at this point.

Residents told NBC10 Sunday morning's incident was the breaking point of a months-long saga that upended their lives.

"My daughter is afraid to come home from college and stay here because of them," Stiles said. "We're happy it's over."

Ferraiolo and Patton appeared before a judge in Burlington County on Wednesday. They will appear in court for their detention hearing on Friday.

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