Shooting, car theft suspect survives after being shot by LAPD officer and after a high speed chase

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An armed pursuit suspect was hospitalized after being shot by police near downtown Los Angeles on Sunday morning

The incident unfolded around 8:55 a.m. when officers saw a suspected reckless driver in the area of 6th and Witmer streets and attempted a traffic stop on 8th and Hope streets.

But police said the suspect failed to stop, prompting them to engage the suspect in pursuit. The chase came to an abrupt end at 12th Street and Broadway after officers collided with a "fixed object," according to the LAPD's public information officer.

An LAPD helicopter, following the pursuit overhead, located the suspect vehicle near 12th Street and Stanford Avenue. A short distance later, near 12th and Hopper Streets, the suspect exited his car.

"The officers observed the suspect armed with a handgun and an officer-involved shooting occurred," LAPD said in a statement. "The suspect was struck by gunfire and transported to a hospital, listed in stable condition."

The LAPD says the officer sustained non-life-threatening injuries from the collision. No other injuries were reported.

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