Dirt Floor Engineering from The Stan..

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Turning out a special coupling for a piece of old machinery using even older machinery to manufacture it - a 100 year old Scottish VTL - whatever that means.. For such a young looking guy to master a very old piece of equipment is good to watch.. his boss, probably his relative, teaches him.. he has to manufacture a bearing type of split collar thingy to go with the thingamajig. the only critique I'd ever dare to bring up is the rather caviller attitude to the electric-arc weld flash...when they get a good dose of Arc Eye they rarely get it a second time...it is enough to bring real tears to the eyes...the infra red light destroys parts of the eye and they have just revealed (the men with white coats) [that] the infra red goes through the thin flimsy clothing and can cause a nasty dose of the Bengal Lancer...

Again, this is taken from 'Hydraulic Hands' channel page over on The Tube where he has other equally awesome vids from outthataway..

As usual, Criteria(s) apply - call for details - 'You Know The Thing'.

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