SRCSO shares body cam footage of heartwarming interaction between deputy, little girl

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It’s a video that might be tough to watch without tearing up. Body camera footage released by the Santa Rosa Sheriff’s Office shows a sweet interaction between a little girl and a deputy.

Officials with the sheriff’s office said they were called in by the girl’s parents to help her make some better choices.

During their interaction, Deputy Justyn Stevens said his Dad mode kicked in.

“I just looked at her as if she was my daughter,” Deputy Stevens said. “You know, ‘what I would say to my kid?’ I wanted that positive reinforcement while making a point.”

Their sweet interaction shows Deputy Stevens encouraging the girl to stay on the right path, and letting her know that her local deputies will always be there for her.

In his 11 years on the job, Deputy Stevens said he’s had similar calls before, but this one hit home.

“That one hit most because my daughter is about the same age as her. I left like I could cry. I wanted to cry when I got done talking to her,” Deputy Stevens said.

Deputy Stevens also had a message for our youth.

“Do the right thing. Be that example. Have integrity. the right thing when no one’s watching,” Deputy Stevens said.

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