Body cam video released of deadly officer-involved shooting in Sunland Park

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The body cam video was released for the deadly officer-involved shooting, where a Sunland Park police officer shot a man who later died in February.

The shooting happened at 113 Calle Diaz on Feb. 23 in Sunland Park, New Mexico.

Officials said they received a call of an intoxicated man identified as 42-year-old Leonardo Hernandez who lived in the home.

The Sunland Park Police Department said a family member called 911 after a verbal argument involving two people at the home.

The body cam video shows the officer arriving at the home and meeting with a woman outside the home, who identified as Hernandez's wife.

The woman tells the officer she and Hernandez were "not together" because they were having problems, and said she had left the house about three weeks prior.

The woman told the officer her daughter had called her saying Hernandez was on "the floor."

The officer tells the woman that Hernandez looked intoxicated and that he was not being cooperative with him.

While the officer and Hernandez's wife were outside. Hernandez's wife gets a call from his daughter, who tells her Hernandez was getting aggressive.

The officer then says "alright I'm going inside."

When the officer goes inside, he sees two people and tells them, "you want to go with your mom?" and tells them they can go outside with their mother.

While the two children leave, Hernandez shows up at the home's kitchen.

The officer is then heard telling Hernandez, "put that gun away" and "put your hands up."

The officer is heard saying, "put your hands up, or you're going to get shot."

Hernandez is heard saying "there it is" in Spanish, and the gun falls down from his pants to the floor.

The officer is then heard telling Hernandez to turn around four times.

Hernandez is then heard telling the officer "you're in my house bro."

Hernandez is then seen attempting to pick up the gun from the floor.

The officer tells Hernandez to not pick up the gun.

Hernandez then picks up the gun. The officer then fires two gunshots at Hernandez in the chest.

The officer waits for another officer to show up at the scene.

Once the other officer shows up at the scene, the officer who shot Hernandez grabs the gun that was on the floor and says, "it's a (expletive) toy gun."

Officials have not confirmed if the gun was a toy gun. We have reached out to New Mexico State Police to see if they could confirm it was a toy gun, but as of now have not received a response.

CPR was performed on Hernandez.

Hernandez was taken to the hospital, where he died.

New Mexico State Police is handling the investigation.

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