EXTENDED VERSION: Civilians' screams and sirens heard in harrowing aftermath of Beirut blast

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Civilians' screams and numerous sirens are heard in the harrowing aftermath footage of the Beirut blast that killed more than 200 one year ago.

Agoston Nemeth, a 42-year-old therapist from Budapest, Hungary, managed to film the immediate aftermath of the huge explosion, which left the surrounding areas in ruins.

The footage shows the view from his 13th floor terrace where smoke masks the majority of the damage but sirens and people's screams of horror are prominent.

A large plume of smoke is seen rising into the sky as Nemeth traverses through his apartment which was shattered by the blast.

Nemeth told Newsflare: "At 6 pm I had my therapy session with a client. Five minutes after I started the session, I heard a bigger explosion. I noticed it had escalated, so I told my client to stay there, and I checked the explosion. I was getting nervous. I went out with my camera, and I noticed it was getting bigger and bigger, some huge flames came out and suddenly there was this,smo 'boom.'

"It was something I could not get away from. I experienced this white-hot glass exploding. I don't know if I jumped or the shock waves pushed me, and I found myself on the floor. I don't know how much time passed. I noticed shattering glass and people screaming. I looked around and saw this huge orange cloud above me.

"Then I stood up and took some pictures and video. I didn't know if the building would collapse. Shortly after my fiancé called me, she was four or five kilometres away but also felt the blast around her."

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