Police release body cam footage of fatal officer-involved shooting at South Austin apartment complex

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0:00 - 911 call
3:37 - Officer Reinhart
9:02 - Officer Lozano
15:08 - Officer Ricker
21:02 - Officer Guzman
The Austin Police Department on Wednesday released body-worn camera footage from an officer-involved fatal shooting last month.

60-year-old James Woodrome was shot and killed by APD officer Adam Reinhart July 20, after he reportedly chased a woman with a knife at The Tides at South Lamar apartment complex, located off of Menchaca Road.

In addition to Officer Reinhart, officers John Ricker and Arlene Lozano also responded to the 911 call, deploying tasers which proved ineffective against Woodrome, who was reportedly advancing towards them. All three officers have been placed on administrative leave, following APD protocol.

According to the 911 call made at approximately 4:54 a.m., a woman frantically knocked on an apartment door, saying she was being chased by a man with a knife. The woman was later located by officers at the scene. At approximately 5:06 a.m., Woodrome approached the officers in the parking lot while they were speaking with the woman. He allegedly ignored officers' commands to drop his knife and repeatedly yelled at them to shoot him.

The officers attempted to de-escalate the situation, continuously giving commands and stepping backward to create distance. When Woodrome continued to advance, Officer Reinhart discharged his firearm, fatally injuring him. Officers on scene immediately performed life-saving measures and requested medical assistance, but Woodrome succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead on scene at 5:19 a.m.

The incident is under investigation by APD's Special Investigations Unit in conjunction with the Travis County District Attorney's Office, and an administrative investigation conducted by the APD Internal Affairs Unit, with oversight from the Office of Police Oversight.

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