Vegan smashes his way through four Guinness World Record titles

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Mike Jack is the man behind the YouTube channel Mike Jack Eats Heat, where he tackles spicy food challenges.

Mike is a vegan, and for his latest speed eating challenge, he gave up hot peppers for something less fiery.

"I’m vegan because I see all animals as being equal," he said.

"A lot of people like dogs and cats but they don’t really have that connection with cows and pigs. I’ve gone to farm sanctuaries before and I’ve met the nicest pigs, the cutest cows, some cute turkeys. We bonded, we’re like pals. I don’t want to eat my pals," he added.

Decked out in his usual attempt getup – a headband and a tank top – Mike was ready to take on some unusual speed eating challenges.

"I want to dress like I’m participating in a sport. I wear a tank top in case I get all sweaty while I’m eating all those peppers and I wear a headband too," he said.

"I like to raise awareness for competitive eating as a sport – maybe it will be in the Olympics one day! Also, it’s super silly and fashionable," he added.

As usual, his wife, Jamie Jack was on hand to offer support and encouragement.

His first attempt was for the fastest time to eat a banana (no hands).

This record is particularly tricky as the banana needs to be peeled without hands too, and is included in the record time.

After struggling with the banana skin for a little bit, he finally managed to chomp down on the banana and achieve the record with a time of 37.782 seconds.

Mike then decided to quench his thirst with some tomato sauce - a litre, to be exact.

Using a straw, he broke the record for the fastest time to drink one litre of tomato sauce with a time of 1 min 32.54 seconds.

He then went on to attempt the record for the most almonds eaten in a minute, and achieved it by chomping down on 32 almonds.

Lastly, he attempted the record for the fastest time to eat a head of lettuce.

He managed to devour the mass of salad leaves in a record-breaking time of 1 min 31.053 seconds.

Mike also holds a whole host of records for his amazing ability to handle heat, the most recent of which being the fastest time to eat three Carolina Reaper chillies (9.72 seconds).

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