Black bear cools off in Simi Valley home until police arrive

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Body cameras were rolling as police visited a Simi Valley home on Sunday to chase away an unwanted visitor.

A black bear had entered the home in the 5700 block of Cherokee Circle through an open door and, as you would expect, found its way into the kitchen.

Body cam video shared by the Simi Valley Police Department on Facebook Tuesday showed officers opening the front door of the home and encountering the bear.

“Hey bear! Bear! Get out of here, bear,” one officer shouts.

It worked.

The bear quickly shuffled out of the home, climbed a fence and took off. It was spotted a short time later in a tree in the area of Cochran Street and Mt. Sinai Drive.

During its visit to the home, police said the bear enjoyed some cake and rummaged through the refrigerator.

With the temperature in Simi Valley reaching well over 100 degrees Sunday its not surprising the bear was looking for a way to escape the heat… and also enjoy a snack.

On Saturday, a black bear was seen swimming in another Simi Valley family’s pool and going through their trash cans. It was unclear if it was the same bear but Fish and Wildlife were notified of that incident as well.

Residents were warned not to approach bears or block their path if encountered.

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