Bodycam video shows former Smith County constable, deputies allegedly stealing from residence

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The Smith County District Attorney’s office released bodycam video in connection to a civil case against Curtis Traylor-Harris.

Traylor-Harris is dealing with criminal charges as well as a civil lawsuit after being accused of stealing from residents whilst serving a writ of possession as Smith County Constable for Precinct 1. He was charged in November along with two others from his office, Derrick Holman and LaQuenda Banks, with theft and official oppression. Traylor-Harris was rearrested in May for a bond violation, records show.

In June, a Smith County resident filed a lawsuit to remove Traylor-Harris from office, alleging that he chose to violate his oath of office on multiple occasions and could not fulfill his duties as constable since his peace officer’s license was suspended. Since then, a new constable was sworn in for Precinct 1, Ralph Caraway Jr.

The video comes from Chief Deputy LaQuenda Banks’s bodycam from the January 2021 incident and was used as evidence in the civil suit.

Banks will be back in court on Aug. 23 for a plea hearing, while Traylor-Harris will be back in court on July 14 for a plea docket agreement. Holman has a jury trial scheduled for Oct. 24.

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