Bodycam footage of rescue efforts released after fatal incident involving Tooele teen

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Police have identified the 14-year-old Tooele County boy who died after slipping and falling into an icy reservoir on Monday night as Jayden Davis.
More information about the incident was given in a press conference Tuesday afternoon. Police detailed their search for Davis, including showing body camera footage of one officer falling into the reservoir as well.

Police and family members both commended the efforts of search and rescue teams after they spent most of Monday night searching for Davis, despite frigid temperatures and no light.

The search started the second first responders got to the scene, despite not having the proper equipment.

First responders were called to Settlement Canyon Reservoir by two teenagers at around 7 p.m. on Monday, stating that their friend had slipped and fallen through the ice.

While waiting for search and rescue teams to arrive, officers tried finding the teen themselves by tying one responder to a rope and approaching the hole where Davis fell into.

The body camera footage shows the officer falling in.

"This was a combined effort from our officers to do what they could with what they had while waiting for search and rescue," said Jeremy Hansen, the public information officer for the Tooele Police Department. "We’re fortunate, given the circumstances, we didn’t have more than one victim."

Chris Sloan, Davis’s grandfather, spoke at the press conference and shared his gratitude for police search and rescue efforts, despite the tragic outcome.

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