Bedridden ‘miracle dog’ recovers from paralysis thanks to loving owner

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A paralysed dog in the Philippines was miraculously able to walk again after being bedridden for six months, thanks to its owner who patiently nursed it back to health.

Pet owner Ken Jhay Empleo said the two-year-old dog named Puco could barely move from his bed after being diagnosed last May 19 with hereditary paraparesis, a neurological disease that weakens and stiffens the leg muscles.

He added that the pooch had also suffered from heatstroke prior to the diagnosis.

Puco had to be hand-fed and hooked up to an IV drip in their home in Vigan City while undergoing physical therapy every day.

Before long, the paraplegic dog started to regain his strength, finally able to take strolls on his forelegs while wearing a makeshift wheelchair to support his lower half last month in October.

Ken said: ‘A miracle happened to him. I prayed that, even if he couldn’t walk anymore, he would recover and regain his energy. I think God really did answer my prayers and gave me hope.’

Puco now gets by without his wheelchair, roaming Ken’s home with a playful, if unbalanced, spring in his step.

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