APD releases bodycam video from confrontation with shooting spree suspect in southwest Austin

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Austin police on Monday released body camera footage of an officer-involved shooting involving Shane James Jr., the man accused of a shooting spree across Central Texas earlier this month.

Six people were killed Tuesday, Dec. 5, when police say Shane James went on a shooting rampage across Bexar County and Austin.

His victims included his parents, Shane James Sr. and Phyllis James. Also killed were Emmanuel Pop Ba, Sabrina Rahman, Katherine Short, and her daughter Lauren Short.

The video released Monday shows APD Detective Joseph Strother arrive at a south Austin home on Austral Loop to respond to a burglary call. When the officer opens the back gate, James immediately opens fire. The detective returned fire before moving to the front of the house with help from another officer.

James fled in a stolen vehicle, crashing after a pursuit. Two homicide victims, the Shorts, were found dead inside the home he fled. The detective was treated and released for non-life threatening injuries.

James faces four capital murder charges. Police have not speculated on a motive for the killing spree.

Police say James had multiple prior encounters with law enforcement over the past decade. This includes a mental health episode in August 2022 that led to a standoff in his home.

James was also arrested in January on domestic violence charges and released in March with help from a nonprofit bail assistance program.

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