Body camera video shows Salt Lake City officers fatally shooting suspect

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Newly-released body camera video shows what led Salt Lake City police officers to fatally shoot a suspect who had fled a traffic stop before leading police on a pursuit.

Penisimani Halai died on Jan. 21 after being hospitalized for over a week after the shooting.

Police originally stopped Halai in the early morning on Jan. 13 during an investigation into two wanted fugitives. When officers performed a traffic stop after locating a car connected to the investigation, the 41-year-old put the vehicle into reverse and slammed into a parked car.

While fleeing, Halai and a passenger drove through an alleyway, crashing through a fence and through a yard. During the pursuit, Halai hit two Salt Lake City police vehicles and nearly hit an officer while driving on a sidewalk.

After crashing into a parked truck near 500 North Star Crest Drive, Halai ran towards a home that he had no connection with, according to police. When officers ordered him to stop, he grabbed for the home's door handle.

In some of the videos, officers are heard saying Halai has something in his hands. In one video, an officer references Halai having a weapon.

When a taser was used unsuccessfully on Halai, two officers shot at him before he entered the house by breaking into a ground floor window. Officers followed through the window, front door and garage, with another officer firing their weapon at Halai before fully entering the house.

Inside, Halai was taken into custody after being found in a room with two people who lived in the house. Police said they were also able to secure a weapon found in Halai's possession.

Paramedics treated Halai on the scene before he was transported to the hospital in critical condition.

The three officers who shot at Halai were placed on administrative leave pending the investigation.

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