HPD officer grazed when armed suspect opens fire in SW Houston at an apartment complex

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An officer was grazed in the arm when a suspect opened fire in southwest Houston, according to police.

On Thursday at about 12:44 p.m., police received an anonymous call about a suspicious person with a weapon at an apartment complex at 10202 Forum Park. When officers arrived at the scene, no one met with them, so they began searching the area when they received another call that somebody had been firing a gun, police said.

When officers approached the apartment that the first caller told them about, a large dog approached the door and began barking before the officers knocked.

"Right after the barking, the door opened. The suspect appeared in the doorway with a handgun, and it appears, fired one time at the officer. The officer returned, firing several times as he moved to a position of cover. Officers began giving voice commands and within a minute, the suspect came out of the apartment, dropped the gun, and surrendered," HPD Executive Assistant Chief Larry Satter explained.

The wounded officer was slightly injured on his forearm.

Police said the suspect was not injured in the shooting and is in his 30s or 40s.

Satter said this suspect has been handled at least three times by police. Once was during a mental illness call.

An investigation continues into the shooting.

The officer who was grazed has been with the department for 15 years. HPD said he will be placed on administrative duty and his body camera footage will be released within 30 days, per department policy.

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