Body cam footage shows moments before Henderson officers shoot knife-wielding woman

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Henderson police released body camera video Wednesday from an officer-involved shooting that left one woman hospitalized.

On Friday, around 4:30 p.m., officers responded to the 1000 block of Center Street near Warm Springs Road and Lake Mead Boulevard after a report of a domestic dispute between a mother and her adult daughter.

The person who called 911 told dispatchers that a woman, later identified as Shena Reiber, 33, was outside holding a knife, threatening the other woman, yelling, “I will kill you.” Reiber was also seen stabbing stairs with the knife while yelling, “Kill me,” police said.

The body camera footage showed Reiber standing outside the apartment complex near a playground while holding a large knife. Officers can be heard repeatedly telling Reiber to “put the knife down.”

Reiber then appears to approach the officers while pointing the knife toward them. One of the officers can be heard telling Reiber, “Put the knife down. We don’t want to shoot you. Back up,” before firing at Reiber.

Reiber was hit, and officers administered first aid until paramedics arrived. She was taken to a local hospital and is expected to survive, police said.

Reiber was booked into the Henderson Detention Center in absentia on two counts of attempted murder with a deadly weapon and two counts of assault on a protected person with a deadly weapon.

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