Terrifying moment snake slithers towards man’s legs as he loads washing machine

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This is the terrifying moment a snake slithered towards a man’s legs as he loaded a washing machine.

The 6ft-long creature entered the laundry area of an apartment while a tenant was busy using the appliance in Udon Thani province, Thailand on September 16.

As it swiftly crawled on the concrete floor, the man noticed the snake approaching which startled him and sent him jumping for safety.

The snake then stayed in front of the washing machine and hid underneath before animal rescuers arrived to remove it from the property.

Apartment owner Wiphada Pewdum, 27, said: ‘I was sitting at the counter when one of the tenants came running to us from the laundry area.

‘He then told me that there was a snake that brushed his leg while he was doing laundry. We called the rescuers and checked the CCTV footage to find where it went.’

A local snake wrangler team arrived at the apartment to catch it and looked under the washing machine where they caught the animal using a hook.

The reptile was a nonvenomous rat snake that was then taken by the team with them to be released into the wild later.

The relieved apartment manager said: ‘I have never found a snake that big in this place before but I dreamed a lot about snakes. I think this rat snake that came to the apartment will bring luck.’

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