APD officers fatally shot suspect seconds after jumping off a downtown porch during a chase

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0:00 - 911 calls
3:45 - Radio traffic
10:07 - Surveillance video
11:05 - Body cam 1
12:21 - Body cam 2
13:34 - Body cam 3
Three Austin Police Department officers shot at a man they believed had fired shots in downtown Austin, seconds after he jumped off a porch during a chase, the department revealed Friday as it released several videos related to the deadly officer-involved shooting that occurred Jan. 15.
The suspect, 30-year-old Anthony Marquis Franklin, died of his injuries. Attorneys for his family released a statement Friday, which pointed out he was “on the ground crouched in the fetal position when these officers opened fire.”

The department noted it redacted some elements of the videos to comply with state law that doesn’t allow certain information to be released, and to “maintain the integrity of the investigation.” It said, “Transparency and accountability are key to our ability to serve the Austin community, so we will provide an account of this critical incident to help you understand the chain of events.”

The officers who discharged their department-approved firearms were Officer Kelby Radford, Officer Ryan Rawlins and Officer Jacob Bowman, according to police. Radford has served for three years and eight months, Rawlins has served for seven years and nine months and Bowman has worked with APD for 11 months.

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