Unhinged DUI suspect rams and injures officer during chase near Ephrata

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In a dramatic overnight pursuit near Ephrata, a 23-year-old Soap Lake woman was apprehended after a high-speed chase that left an officer with minor injuries. The incident occurred around midnight on Wednesday and involved multiple law enforcement agencies.

The pursuit began when Ruf Teslyuk, the suspect, fled a traffic stop in Ephrata. She had been reported as a suspicious person earlier. Ephrata Police initially engaged in the chase, but later terminated their pursuit, passing the baton to Soap Lake police and Grant County deputies.

The chase intensified on the outskirts of Soap Lake, with Teslyuk turning onto SR 17 and heading south, closely followed by law enforcement. A Grant County deputy attempted to halt her using spike strips, which she skillfully avoided. The relentless pursuit continued until Ephrata Police successfully deployed spikes near the SR 282/SR 17 interchange, deflating three of Teslyuk's tires.

Despite this, the chase was far from over. A Soap Lake patrol unit executed a Precision Immobilization Technique (PIT) maneuver, momentarily stopping her car. However, Teslyuk repeatedly managed to free her vehicle, causing significant damage to both her car and the officer's vehicle.

The pursuit reached its climax when the officer employed a PIT maneuver for a second time, followed by using his grill guard to push Teslyuk's car into a shallow ditch. However, she managed to free herself once again. Finally, a coordinated effort by the Soap Lake officer and a deputy successfully halted Teslyuk's escape.

Teslyuk was extracted from her vehicle and arrested on multiple charges, including three counts of eluding a police officer, DUI, driving with a suspended license, and second-degree malicious mischief. Reports indicate that Teslyuk has a history of DUIs, contributing to her current license suspension.

As for the Soap Lake Police officer, he was reportedly treated by a chiropractor after complaining of back pain he sustained upon impact during the pursuit of the suspect.

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